Commercial Baking

PCM is proud to be a part of Bakeware Coating Systems Inc. and the Eastern United States licensee of the SBS-Teflon® Non-Stick Pan Coating Systems. The SBS systems, featuring DuPont® Teflon are the premier coatings available in the commercial baking marketplace. These custom coatings cut bakery costs by lasting up to 12 times as many baking cycles as silicone glazes and by eliminating the need for pan oil to aid product release.

SBS-Teflon® Coatings Offer >
  • Longer coating life equals lower cost
  • Longer Coating life equals less downtime
  • Superior product release equals fewer rejects
  • No pan oil means
    • Lower costs because of no need for oil
    • Fewer black-spot rejects so productivity is higher
    • Less workplace cleanup and a safer work environment
    • Reduced product fat content
SBS-Teflon® coatings are in compliance with the FDA and other food-contact regulatory agencies around
the world.
There are over 1,000 commercial bakery lines around the globe processing more than 40,000 tons of dough daily and using an excess of 1,800,000 SBS coated pans and straps. Antonio Riva, General Manager of Smaltiriva, a Division of Praxair Surface Technologies, the largest non-stick bakeware coater in the world and co-developer of the SBS technology stated:

“The many years of field-tested experience, the volume application capability, and the integrity of the PCM company, combined with SBS Bakeware Technologies, offers the food and baking industries in the U.S. the most advanced solution available today.”

“North American bakeries that are now using silicone glaze on their pans and want to lower costs and increase productivity will now have a practical alternative,” said Paula Macri, North America Manager for Commercial Bakeware, DuPont Teflon® Finishes. “BCS, with its three strategic locations, provides a convenient source to recoat these pans with the longest lasting coating available.”
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